Allocate Location Customer

Firstly, we need to allocate customer’s location correctly

  1. Click grey location icon and input costomer name or nearby location

  2. select relevant location from google map *Subscribed version

  3. Click button ‘Close’ to close the map then save the customer

Then, we can add the customer with location in Service

  1. Select Customer name, Location with blue map icon show

  2. In case you have Customer with different delivery address, please input in Delivery To. The Location will not be shown.

  3. When technician view the Service with Location, they are able to allocate location easily.

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Is this location feature can only locate the location when we are at the place? I can only locate location nearby me when i am clicking on the location icon. Thanks.

Hi, you can also search and pin the address.

  1. click the map icon
  2. search the address and pin