Block - Automation to delete records

Hi :wave:

Today I would like to share how to write automation to delete records when the Module change state to Closed.

For Example:
When the Trucking Order is closed, the system auto-deletes those records in LoadingLocation that are related to the trucking order.

Note: At LoadingLocation Module also should have Trucking Order ID

Do Automation at Closed State at Trucking Order Module

Overall Automation

Do After

  1. Firstly add Action Block → Select Find
    Module : Loading Location
    Filter formula script : Trucking Order is #Entry #Loading Location #Trucking Order

  2. Then, add Condition Block to check if the Trucking Order Found

  3. Lastly, add an Action Block to perform delete
    Module : Loading Location
    Activity : Delete
    Entry : #Loading Location Found

Loading Location A is been removed from the record because of the Trucking Order has been Closed.