Block - Avoid Creating Duplicated Information in Another Module


In this topic, you will use automation to avoid creating duplicated information in another module.

In this example, I have two module, Recruitment and Staff. The goal here is when hiring a new employee in recruitment module, we are going to input staff ID but it should be unique.

Two modules

Form to input ID

Staff module

  1. Add automation block

  2. Drag and drop Action block

  3. Select Find All

  4. Condition block
    Set condition → If there is an entry found with same ID, show error.

  5. Drag and drop Action block

  6. Select Error to output an error message if the condition is met.

  7. Click ‘OK’ if done.

  8. Here is a sample demonstration.
    bandicam 2022-06-29 15-24-07-624

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