Block - Fixed Table Rows

This sample shows how to fix table rows. For example, I want to fix 10 rows for my table.

  1. Form design
  2. Enable automation
  3. Drag & Drop Condition block
  4. Write #Form#ActivityTable.Count <= 0
    #Activity Table is the table name in this form. I have to set the variable in this table rows when the table is empty (Count <=0 or Count == 0)


  1. Drag & Drop For block
  2. Type range(10) and each type ‘x’ (any name to define each of the items from the variable)


  1. Drag & drop Action block
  2. Click Add action

  1. Select ‘Create’
  2. Add Value: #addRow(#Form#Table)
  3. Click OK

Here is the full view of the automation

Result in Client

No column is set Formula to set the auto row number.