Block - Set File in form

Let me guide you on how to set file in a form design.

For example,
I have some files in module A (File) and want to set the document in module B (My module) - default form.

Module A

  1. Create Module A named File.
  2. Add information type file.
  3. Upload the documents.

Module B

  1. Create Module B named My Module.
  2. Add information type file.
  3. Add form design. eg: I want to design form in Default (Create + Edit + View).

  1. Enable form automation.

  2. Drag * drop Actions block.

  3. Click + Add Action

  4. Select ‘Find’

  5. Select ‘Module’: File - this is Module A where we upload the file.

  6. Select 'Filter: ID contains ‘FL00001’ - input the document id of the entry that the file has been uploaded.

  1. Drag & drop Condition block.
  2. #File Found


  1. Drag * drop Actions block.
  2. Click + Add Action
  3. Select ‘Set’
  4. Select Variable: #Form
  5. Expand property
  6. Choose ’ File’ - the information you want to set the file in the form.
  7. Type #File found#File - to set the vale

Overall view of block