Block - Update Entry in Another Module based on Table Items

Hi there, I will guide how to use an automation block to update entries in another module based on an action performed from another module based on table items.

Sample scenario: Confirm stock transfer to update the stock location.

Module A: Stock - keeping all the stock entries with location details.
Module B: Stock Transfer - to move the stock to the new location

Module A: Stock

  1. Add an activity ‘Update Location’ and add the Location field in this form design.

- will use as an internal activity to update the new location

Module B: Stock Transfer

  1. Configure the form design as below
  • Select the products and choose the new location

  1. I want the automation to trigger update location when confirming this stock transfer entry. So I will add the automation block in the confirm activity in the Stock transfer module.

  2. I created an activity called ‘Confirm’ in the stock transfer module.

  3. Stock transfer > Activity: Confirm > Automation
    When performing Confirm , do Automation

  4. After executing

  1. Drag & drop condition block: #Entry#Details.Count > 0
    Hint: Indicate when the table row is more than 0

  1. Drag & drop For block: #Entry#Details each item
    Hint: Indicate each item lines in the table
  2. Drag & drop Action block
  3. Click + Add Action

  1. Select ‘Find’
    Module: Stock
    Filter: Choose 'formula’
    Choose #SerialNumber ‘equal’ #Item#SerialNumber#SerialNumber
    Hint: To find the stock based on serial number

  1. Click + Add Action
  2. Select ‘Perform’
    Module: Stock
    Activity: Update Location
    Entry: #StockFound
    Form > Expand
    Choose ‘Location’ : #Entry#NewLocation
    Hint: To perform the update location activity based on stock found and pass the new location as location

Overall block


  1. Click ‘Confirm’, an entry state change to Closed in the stock transfer entry

  2. Automation trigger the update location and able to pass the new location ‘ROW B’ to the 4 serial numbers found in the stock module.

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#automation #block

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