Block - Update Table Entry to Another Module

Introducing new feature ‘BLOCK’ (Beta)

You can find a new automation block in the studio.
Let me guide you on how to edit an entry from table to another module with a block.

For example,
Edit product A in the Sale Item table, update an entry in Product with formula by finding Product Name, and pass the value.

When executing Edit do Automation

  1. Click ‘After executing’

  2. Drag & drop Condition block

  3. Input #Entry#Item.Count>0 → this is to check if the table length is more than 0

  4. If true,Drag & drop For block

  5. Input #Entry#Items , each input item

  6. Drag & drop Action block link to each

  7. Click + Add Action

  8. Select Perform

  9. Module : Product Warehouse Maintenance

  10. Activity: Edit

  11. Entry: #item#Warehouse

  12. Click Expand Property

  13. Select Balance Qty
    Input Formula: #item#Warehouse#Balance Qty - (#item#QTY * #item#Packaging (KG) )

  1. Click OK
  2. Click OK
  3. Click Save
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