Client Features - Crop Image

Hi Inistate community!
Let’s take a look on how to crop an image in Inistate.

What is “Crop Image” function for?
To adjust the image to your preferred image size and ratio or remove unnecessary part of image.

Crop Image

  1. Click on “Folder” icon to choose a photo.

  2. Click on “Crop” icon to start cropping the image.

  3. Move the frame or adjust the frame to crop image. Then, click on “Crop” when finish.

  4. Final view of cropped image shown, click on “Save” to upload the cropped image.

  5. That’s it ! :confetti_ball: You’ve successfully cropped an image. :white_check_mark:

:raised_hands: Hope your journey in Inistate goes well. :raised_hands:

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