Client Features - Reaction on comment / history

Hi Inistate community!
Let’s take a look on how to make a reaction in Inistate.

What is “Reaction” function for?
Reaction allows you to react to the comments or histories by emoji to express your feelings or thoughts.

Reaction on Comment / History

  1. Click on any entry.

  2. Click on the “comment” icon, or it will automatically shown if there’s a comment.
    (the right part of the entry is the Comment & History sections)

  3. Move your mouse into one of the comment, then the “Reaction bar” will pop up.

  4. Click on any emoji in the Reaction bar, then it will be shown in the comment.

  5. When you hover the mouse to the emoji, it will shows who react with it.

That’s it ! :confetti_ball: You’ve learned a new technique, go and react with others now.
:raised_hands: Hope your journey in Inistate goes well. :raised_hands:

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