Configuration Tutorial - Simple Survey

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Today, I would like to share with you how to configure a simple survey module in INISTATE.
The simple survey module allows you to creating and analyzing surveys, collecting valuable feedback from respondents.

Manual survey - Manual surveys may be time-consuming and costly, limiting the reach to the respondents. Other than that, can cause human errors in data entry, biased sampling leading to non-representative results, and potential response bias due to social desirability or perceived acceptability of answers

Ensure data accuracy - To ensures data accuracy and minimalize human mistakes.
Maximize participation rates - To be able to encourage higher engagement and increased participation from a diverse range of respondents.

Step & Configuration

  1. Access your workspace builder.

  2. In builder, click “+ New” on top right to add new module.

  3. Set a name and emoji for your module. eg : Survey

  4. In builder, select the module and choose information tab, click “+ New” to add new information.

  5. Add information as below :

  • Button - Select

  • Text - Text

  • Date Time - Date Time

  • Percent - Integer

  • Dropdown - Table

  • Color - Select (Enable Radio)

  • Location - Location

  • Image - Image

  • File - File

  • Signature - Signature


Set Formula

  1. In Survey module, go to Activity section, click Basic tab. click "Create’ to view form

  2. Drag all information into the form.

  3. Hover on information “Text”, “Date Time”, and “Percent”, click the “Operation” icon to set formula.

  • For Information “Text” : To set visible only after “Button” information got selected.
    On visible column insert formula : #Form#Button

  • For information “Date Time” : To auto set current date and time.
    On formula column insert formula : DateTime.Now

  • For information “Percent” : To set default number insert in “Percent” as 45
    On formula column insert formula : #Form#Percent if #Form#Percent > 0 else 45


Condition : To set a fixed value in table information “Dropdown”.

  1. Scroll down form, enable “automation”

  2. Drag and drop ‘Action’ block and connect it with ‘Start’ block.

  3. Select “Create” Action, Insert Value : [“Red”, “Orange”, “Yellow”, “Green”, “Blue”, “Violet”]

  4. Drag “Condition” block, Insert : #Form#Dropdown.Count <= 0

  5. Drag “For” block, Insert : For #Variable1 each x.

  6. Drag “Action” block, select “Action” → “Create”, Click the block and Insert value : #addrow(#Form#Dropdown)

  7. Add another “Action” → “Set”, Insert : Value #Variable2, Expand property, Choose “Details”, Insert Formula #x

Congratulations!!!:tada::tada: You have successfully created a Simple Survey module.

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