Error "submission failed, activity not available"

Hello dear community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, this post will explain about the error “Submission failed, activity not available”.

This error will be encountered to user when the activity is no longer available or there is no further workflow for the activity.

For further explaination, in this post also share with you some example :

Another Example on how the error can be encountered is :

When user click the same activity at the same entry in the same time.

  • This is leave apply workflow :

  • After user submit the entry, the entry state will turn to “Submitted” and wait for approval.

  • And as you can see in the workflow, there is an activity call “approved” that will change the state from “submitted” to “Approved”.

  • This error can be encounter when 2 or more people click the same activity at the same entry in same time.

  • When to 2 user click the same activity for the same entry. The first one who click “approved” will be able to execute the activity and change the entry state to “approved”, meanwhile the other person, will get the error, since the entry is already “approved” and cannot have a duplicate “approved” activity.

  • First person view

  • Second person view