Getting Started - Basic

Welcome to Inistate!

Let us introduce you with a few features that you might use for your business. Inistate can help you accomplish your work in just a few minutes! It is much more efficient and easier than using the traditional spreadsheet.

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet, Inistate gives you with the force of a super-adaptable to connect your information and design the perfect workflow. Let’s get to know how to get started with Inistate.

What is a Table?

A Table contains defined fields (column) and rows. You may put the column name or header in the Fields section. It would automatically form a table based on how many fields you insert.

What is Select?

A Select is a dropdown list/selection with predefined options. Just add the options in Options section and it can be selected in a dropdown list. It was the most efficient way to see the entry when you are going to sort the data based on category.

What is Module?

A Module is a minimum and an essential unit that can be created in Workspace. A workspace can have many modules working independently or connecting others that contain all of the information you need for one module, multiple modules, or a workflow.

What is Profile (Module)?

A Profile (Module) is an entry from Profile (Module) in the same workspace. A Profile (Module) Field is used to create a relationship between two modules in Inistate, but this profile module is where we tick User Role and has a username field in the module.