How the collapse element work in mobile

Hello dear community :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , this post will guide user on how the collapse element work in mobile app :iphone: .


  • To configure the collapse function.
  1. Go to your workspace studio.

  2. Inside the studio, under “Basic” section, click the “Default(Create+Edit+view)” . ( Note : also can use another section that can design form )

  3. Once clicked, the option screen will pop out, click the round orange “+” icon to add form.

  4. Then, the form design will appear.

  5. To add information or element, click the “click to add” in the form design.

  6. Once you clicked, the information or element option will appear.

  7. Then, you can just search or scroll down until you found “collapse” option in element category.

  8. Click the collapse elements. Once you clicked the collapse element will be insert into the form design.

  9. You can complete the collapse element by giving the element a title, insert some other element or information.

Expanded by default function

  1. On the top right of the collapse element, there is a “Expanded by default” with a toggle button.

  2. The function of the “Expanded by default” function is so user can determine either they want the system hide the information inside the collapse element by default or not.

  3. To turn on and turn off the function, simply by clicking the toggle button until it turn blue to on or click the toggle button until it turn grey to off.

  4. Click the “Save” or “Ok” button to save your form design and changes in the form design.

Collapse element work in mobile app

  1. Without “Expended by default”
  1. With “Expended by default”