How to rename display name label?

You can use Label (Optional) in the form design to rename the field.

Eg: I rename the ‘Name’ field label as Full Name.

  1. go to the studio

  2. Form design

  3. Click ‘configure’

  4. Input Label: Full Name

  5. Save


Hi, would like to know what is the function on name labelling? Is it something like to display a different field name compare to system field name? And this name labelling will not affect system original field name? My concerns is when exporting data in json, system will records field name as original field name or name labelling ? Thanks.

Label is to give a name of the field for user, for example, Information display name you may put a full name, for Label, for easier reference you may put a short name instead. Label is just for User Interface only. Automation, Notification, export is all refer to Information display name.

Thanks for sharing. :smiley: