How to Sign Up in Inistate Mobile App

Hi Inistate community!
Let’s take a look on how to sign up / register in Inistate.

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You can choose between 3 options to sign up:

  • Google / Apple ID / Email
  1. Make sure you’re on Inistate Sign Up page and choose the Sign Up options.

  2. After select Sign Up options, you will be prompt to create new workspace.
    Fill in ‘Information needed’ and click on ‘Next’.

  3. Select ‘Create a new workspace’, fill Company Name and ‘Select a Solution’.

  4. You can search and select existing solution. Then click on ‘Next’.

  5. You may invite users by clicking Invite members.


  1. Click on ‘Bring me to home’ you’ll be prompted to the home screen of your created workspace.

  2. That’s it :clap: You’ve successfully created a workspace :white_check_mark: