How to use notification panel

Hi inistate community!
You can now use the notification panel.

What is Notification panel?
Allow you to check the client side app notification and check if it is delivered to the user.

Notification Panel (Example)

  1. Click the magic wand icon :magic_wand: to access Studio.

  2. Set up an :email: “app notification” on Due Date.

(Send an app notification to “Assign To” user when Due Date)

  1. Save and Run.

  2. Create a :new: enrty(task) that Due on Today.

  3. Back to Studio.

  4. Click on Bell:bell: icon on top right in Studio.
    You will see a new entry pop up at below.

  5. Click on the Entry’s ID.

  6. A new tab created to view the notification sample that in Receiver view.
    Result of Templates
    (It shows the notification that “Staff01” will receive)

Notification Delivery

  1. Besides, click on Notification Delivery

  2. Here provides the view on which notification has been delivered to the user.
    Result of Notification Delivery
    (It shows that the notification has been delivered to the user)

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