Inistate Release Notes June 2024

Hi :wave: everyone,

Happy Dumpling Festival :bangbang:

I would like to introduce new feature of mobile App.

  1. Register / Sign up in mobile App and allow to create new workspace.
  1. Create the process in mobile App.

WooOOooo~~~ :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: it’s incredible :bangbang:

It take a few minutes, only a few minutes, just a few MINUTES :interrobang: to create a new workspace and process.

Are you sure :question:
Is it real :question:
Just bluffing :interrobang:

:palm_up_hand: Come on, try it :bangbang:

Click ‘Reply’ below and feedback to us whether it’s real :question:
What is most difficult part for you :question:

May download Inistate monile App here →
or scan the QR below.


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