Notification - Set Reminder / Due Date Reminder

Do you know you can set up a reminder notification on Inistate?

For example, I want to set email reminders based on my project due date.

  1. Go to the studio.

  2. Due date is a date field.

  3. Add notification, When Due Date is due send a notification/alert

  1. Channel: Email.

  2. Add a message (optional)

  3. Click ‘Advance setting’ (optional)

  4. Enable ‘Timing’ (optional)

  5. Turn on ‘Before’ - if you want to remind before the due date otherwise system trigger after the due date

  6. Target time - (optional)

  7. Multiplier - Eg: 6

  8. Duration type: Eg: Month (could be day, week as well)

  9. Save your work.

Note: This is a Beta feature.

Hi, I got a few questions.

  1. What if I want to set notification one hour before a given time. For example, I got a meeting at 9am. Hence, I want to receive notification at 8am.

  2. What is the function of Multipler? Is that Multipler related to Duration type?

  3. Why if I enable or disable before, there is no difference when sending notification. It will still send when reach the target time. (I am using Date type).

  1. There is no hour option for the duration type for now. But you can use the target time to set a specific time for example 8 am.

  2. Yes, it is related to the duration type. For example, send a notification 1 day before the due date. So the multipler should be 1, duration type should be a day.

  3. enable before but if got set target time, the notification triggers based on the target time.