Notification With Timing (beta)

Hi Inistate community!
Let’s take a look on how to send Notification with timing.

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1.Select a notification that you want to add timing.

2.Click “Advanced settings”

3.Select target timing, multiplier and duration (minutes, hour, day, week, month)

  • Once On - Start date of notification

  • Target Timing - the time you want the notification to send.

  • Multiplier - a number to multiplier Duration Type

  • Duration Type - selection: day, week, month

You want to send email notification every day at 9:00am.

  • Once On - today’s date
  • Target Timing - 9:00 am
  • Multiplier - 1
  • Duration Type - day

4.Remember to save your changes.

:pushpin: That’s it !

NOTE: Beta version only accessible by Consultant

What is the function of Multipler?

Hi @Alan multiplier is a number that multiple by duration type. For example for the above, the Target time is 4pm, Multiplier is 1 and Duration Type is Day. So the receiver will receive a notification every 1 day at 4pm