Share Form (Public) via Email Notification

Create New Notification

  1. Choose FETIAS Testing > Select FETIAS Testing A1-001.
  2. Click the ‘Design’ icon beside the share icon.

  1. After clicking the ‘Design’ icon will go to the studio page.
  2. Select the letter icon to create a new notification.

  1. After selecting the letter icon, select the Email button at Channel.
  2. To > Select Last Updated By Information.
  3. Turn on Attach Link and Public (share).
  4. Select a list at Activity.
  5. Press OK.
  6. Click button ‘Save’ and 'run ’ at the top right screen.

Create New Entry

  1. Click ‘+New’ button
  2. Fill in all the fields in the Form.
  3. Press OK.

View Email

  1. Go to the email that you select in the user field and will receive a notification for Inistate.

  1. Click the message, and after that press ‘Test Elements FTS03008’ button.
  2. After clicking the button will show a form in a new tab.
  3. Fill in all the information and press the submit button.

  1. After submit the form will show success information.