Show/hide input field when some specific field is filled

Let’s say I have “Show Name” with checkbox type and “Name” with text type, if I want show “Name” after “Show Name” is ticked, then I need to type field(‘Show Name’) in Visible of “Name”.

**Note: You can type “#” to select “Show Name” field.

Following is the result for Showing:

Same for hiding something, if you want to hide “Name” after “Hide Name” is ticked, you can type field(‘Hide Name’) == 0 in Visible of “Name”.

Following is the result for Hiding:

You can also do this with Select type as well. Type field(‘Select’) in Visiblity of “Name” to show Name field when the select box select the option “Show Name”, same goes for “Age”.

Following is the result:

**Note: You can do this by using any data type.