Step-by-Step Guide: Setting up an automation in CraftMyPDF

Inistate can easily integrate and automate numerous processes and 3rd party services. I’ll be showing how to set up automation for CraftMyPDF.

CraftMyPDF is an all-in-one document automation and management platform specializing in PDF document generation. Inistate can push the data collected to CraftMyPDF. CraftMyPDF can then generate and push PDFs or Images back to Inistate.

Even though Inistate can generate PDFs, too, CraftMyPDF has more specialized features such as charts, fillable forms, and quality fonts.

First, inside the automation block,
NOTE: Use ‘Do before’ as you want to save the file in the form
select Action and add an action

Select CraftMyPDF and create PDF from template

File Name is the output file name for the PDF

Key in the related information

Retrieve API Key from CraftMyPDF:

Retrieve Template ID:

The record to passed in CraftMyPDF to generate PDF

Example data received on CraftMyPDF

Example expresssion data payload (Note: is

Payload can be seen here

Then set the generated PDF to a file (Currently support only File/Image)

End result will be like this

Happy automating!

‘Do before’ for the action to save the file in the form, what if we don’t want to save the file into the form, but want to have action something like click on the Activity Button, it will display the PDF instead of insert the file into the form? Similar to System existing native Template feature, what shall we configure towards the Automation? thanks.

Not at this moment, because it will consume the credit from CraftMyPDF every time the button is clicked, it will consume credit.

Oh i see… understood.Thank for feedback.