UI Enhancement in Mobile App

Hi inistate community!
We’re thrilled :star_struck: to unveil our latest app update with some exciting changes to the user interface, ensuring a fresh and intuitive experience for all users.

What’s new?

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Block of State Flow and Submit Button
  1. Block of State flow shows at bottom
  2. “OK” button changed to Activity Name
Input Prompt
  1. Input prompt “type here”
  • for information type : Text, Multiline, Integer, Number, Money, Email, Phone Number, URL, Location
  1. Input prompt “+ tap to select”
  • for information type : Select, Tag, Module, Modules, User, Users

  1. Input prompt “+ select date”
  • for information type : Date
  1. Input prompt “+ select date time”
  • for information type : Date Time
  1. Input field checkbox below of the information name
  • for information type : Yes No

  1. Input prompt “:camera:” changed to “:camera: camera”
  • for information type : Image, Images
  1. Input prompt “:open_file_folder:” changed to “:open_file_folder: file”
  • for information type : File, Files
  1. Input prompt “+ sign”
  • for information type : Signature
  1. Input prompt “+ Add New” changed to “+ add row”
  1. Item Numbering in the Table Information
Input Prompt for Simple/Default Table

13.i Input prompt to add new item into simple table “+ Add” changed to “+ add row”

13.ii Input field in dropdown for every items of simple table

Select/Multiselect Information Type
  1. Dropdown list changed to Pop out tab of options information

  2. “All” and “Selected” separated Tab

  3. Check button in the options box

  4. Input prompt to add more input in multiselect “+Add” changed to “+ tap to select”