What is Inistate?

Inistate is a low code application platform designed for everyone to design and build functional business software even without any programming knowledge. Applications built through Inistate are readily accessible through multiple platforms, including desktop browsers, mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

Inistate makes tailor-fit software solutions possible for any team, business, or organization. These solutions focus on improving communication, collaboration as well as productivity within the organization.

We use a newly developed unique patent-pending low-code mapping-reduction technique that can effectively capture the intention of non-technical users. At the same time, fully functional software can be delivered just based on minimum inputs. Inistate consolidates and distills the essentials needed to make functional and reliable software and pioneer in presenting all its possibilities and configuration in just a single configuration screen without using technical terms. Besides, we incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist users in various tasks, which can be as trivial as deciding colors for state or as complex as suggesting flows or states. Inistate greatly reduces the barrier and learning curve, allowing everyone to create their own unique software solution without minutes or hours.

We believe that the design of the software is a skill set of the future that can be trained or taught freely and transparently. Henceforth, in Inistate, all of our users can design and try their own design without restrictions, and we are only charging for its usage. In addition, proven and useful design can be shared with everyone to speed up the solution-building process.

Now anyone can build to make a better future today!

Solution Architect of Inistate