Zapier-Connect Inistate with Outlook


I need to use zapier to connect inistate with microsoft outlook. When I use inistate then I have a document in one of modules. Then I click it and it will have a send button. Then, I click it. I want it to pop out a draft email about the information. How can I do it? I try it but unable to pop out the outlook email. I will appreciate for your helping.

What I do:

  1. Create a new zap
    About Trigger part:
  2. Choose inistate in trigger and choose activity performed
  3. Choose my account in inistate one
  4. Choose my workspace, modulehe, and activity I choose send.

About Action Part:
5. Choose microsoft outlook and create a draft email.
6. Choose my microsoft outlook account
7. I set up all the action

Hi @janchinkhai
Currently, Inistate/Zapier doesn’t support any pop-out function. I assumed you wanna try to send an email notification.

You may refer to this Email channel notification - Latest
Inistate email channel notification allows customizing message content with information and file attachments.