Authorization V2 - User Permission Setting (Listing)

Hi all,
You are able to set user authorization by 2 methods

  • by Module, may refer link below
  • by Listing of Module, may follow the steps as below:
  1. Click Studio.

  2. Add Listing in User Module.

  3. Set the condition in Listing to show respective records at Client.

  4. Set authorization to not allow Admin Manager to create new user at Client. (1)

  5. 'Click ‘Save’ at top right of screen then click ‘Run’ to view outcome at Client.

  6. This image to show all records in User Module.

  7. The image below is to show Listing Admin Manager that we set at Studio just now. So these are users.

  8. Login with user with Position Admin Manager, the user is not allow to create new entry in FETIAS User.