Block - Set Value for Reference Module

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Here we going to look at how to set the value for the reference Module. If you’re wondering what is Reference Module and how to set, you may refer to

Module involve:

  1. List of Drivers

  2. List of Lorry with respective Drivers

Let us see how to auto assign the first driver based on the selected Lorry.

  1. Do automation at Form. Turn on the Automation toggle

Overview of the Automation

  1. Firstly add Action Block → Select ‘Find’
    Module : Lorry
    Filter formula script : Reg No is #Form #Lorry #Reg No

  2. Then, add Condition Block to check if the Reg No is found

  3. If Found, add For Block
    #Lorry Found #List → Table name in the Lorry
    each item → Can define any name


  1. Then, add Condition Block to check if the driver is None
    #Form #Driver is None

  2. Finally, add Action Block to set the value
    Variable : #Form #Driver
    Value : #item #Driver #Name