Reference Setting (Table List) for Select Type


Hi friends,

Here we going to look at how to get dropdown list options from a table in a different Module.
For example, I want a contact person name list from the Company module in my Order module.

  1. You must configure the Company module with a Contact table like this.

  1. Configure Order Module.
  • Company - Module type - link to Company Module
  • Contact - Select type

  1. When adding Contact (Select type) information

  2. Now you should be able to see the details below:

  • Reference Module > module to refer to get the list (Company)

  • Reference Module Table > the table name from Company Module

  • Reference Display Field > table column get as option list.


Now I can get the contact list based on the selected company.


The reference is missing in advance setting

Hi @Royale this reference is only applicable to the ‘select’ type only.

Now with latest version of Inistate, user can just click ‘Reference’ tab and select the reference module, table name and display field easily.