Configuration Tutorial - Bug Tracker

Use this bug tracker with your team members to easily delegate projects for tracking and troubleshooting. The bug tracking system also comes with a form to easily submit bug reports.

Difficult to manage - Hard to manage the bug and trace the progress to resolved it.

Convenient - A useful template to track the bug from stage found initially until stage resolved it.

Step by step (Configuration)


  1. Recognize and configure all the Information name and type required to create a new entry in Bug Tracker System. (Refer Picture 1):
  • Name: Title of the bug, Information Type: Text

  • Name: Description, Information Type: Multiline Text

  • Name: Priority, Information Type: Select

    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
  • Name: Url, Information Type: Link

  • Name: Files, Information Type: Files

  • Name: Images, Information Type: Images

  • Name: Platform, Information Type: Text

  • Name: Browser, Information Type: Text

  • Name: Assigned To, Information Type: Text

  • Name: Severity, Information Type: Select

    • Critical
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
  • Name: Results, Information Type: Multiline Text


  1. Recognize and configure all the Activity able to perform to change State (Refer Picture 2):
  • Assign Person
  • In Progress
  • Done
  • Verify
  • Escalate
  • Cancel

  1. Drag & drop to design form that consists of the respective Information for each Activity created (Refer Picture 3):
  • Assign Person
    • Assigned To
    • Severity
  • In Progress
    • Severity
  • Done
    • Results


  1. Recognize and configure all the State in the whole Bug Tracker System (Refer Picture 4):
  • Open (make sure there is ‘initial’ grey box beside it, by clicking this state to open the state designer, toggle ‘Initial’, and make sure only one of the states is ‘Initial’.)
  • Assigned
  • In Progress
  • Resolved
  • Verified
  • Escalated
  • Closed
  • Canceled


  1. Configure Flow by determines a state can flow to which state through specific activity and form a reasonable workflow diagram in whole progress (‘From State’ → ‘Activity’ → ‘To State’) – (Refer Picture 5):
  • Open → Assign Person → Assigned
  • Assigned → In Progress → In Progress
  • In Progress → Escalate → Escalated
  • In Progress → Done → Resolved
  • Resolved → Verify → Closed
  • (any state) → Cancel → Canceled


  1. Based on the selected Standard Activity, design the form with the Information below (Refer Picture 6 & Picture 7):
  • Default (Create/Edit/View)
    • Click ‘Default (Create/Edit/View) under Standard.
    • Click the grey box area with the message: ‘Wish to have a classification form? Click to customize your form.’.
    • Drag the information boxes listed in ‘INFORMATION’ and drop into the form design area.
    • Arrange the information boxes according to your preferences.
    • Click the ‘SAVE’ button after done and click ‘OK’ to close the form.


  1. Create all the Listing with filter condition, you may add and edit information to be displayed in the list of the entry using List design (Refer Picture 8 & Picture 9 & Picture 10):
  • Open (Condition: State is Open)
  • Assigned (Condition: State is Assigned)
  • In Progress (Condition: State is In Progress)
  • Resolved (Condition: State is Resolved)
  • Verified (Condition: State is Verified)
  • Escalated (Condition: State is Escalated)
  • Archived (Condition: State is Closed or State is Canceled)
  • All


  1. Click SAVE button at the top right to save all the configuration (Refer Picture 11).

Congratulations!!!:tada::tada: You have successfully created Bug Tracker System.

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