Configuration Tutorial - Hotel Front Desk System

Hi, this post will show you step-by-step on how to configure a Hotel Front Desk System module. This module use for performing front desk activities such as check in or check out guest.

Low efficiency - Difficult to track the information for each of the guest after check in or check out.

Increase efficiency - Easily to track the information for each of the guest after check in or check out.


  1. Recognize and configure all the Information name and type required to create new entry in Hotel Front Desk System.
  • First Name - Text
  • Last Name - Text
  • Email - Email
  • Contact Number - Phone Number
  • Street Address - Multiline Text
  • City - Text
  • State - Text
  • Postal Code - Text
  • Check In Date - Date Time
  • Check Out Date - Date Time
  • Adult - Integer
  • Children - Integer
  • Room Select - Table
    • Room Number - Module (Choose your rooms module)
    • Room Category - Text
    • Occupancy - Integer
    • Price - Money
  • Total Price - Money
  1. Recognize and configure all the Activity able to perform to change State.
  1. Recognize and configure all the State in the whole Hotel Front Desk System.
  • Checked In (initial)
  • Checked Out
  • Cancelled
  1. Configure Flow by determines a state can flow to which state through specific activity and form a reasonable workflow diagram in whole progress.
  • Checked In → Check Out → Checked Out
  • (any state) → Cancel → Cancelled
  1. Based on the selected Standard Activity, design the form with following Information below:
  • Default
    • Check In Date - Formula: “DateTime.Now”
    • Room Category - Formula: “column(‘Room Number’).field(‘Category’)” (Get category from your rooms module)
    • Occupancy - Formula: “column(‘Room Number’).field(‘Occupancy’)” (Get occupancy from your rooms module)
    • Price - Formula: “column(‘Room Number’).field(‘Category’).field(‘Price’)” (Get price from your rooms module. If your price is set inside rooms module, then formula will be “column(‘Room Number’).field(‘Price’)”)
    • Total Price - Formula: “summ(column(‘Price’), field(‘Room Select’))”
  1. Create all the Lists with filter condition to allow specific information to be viewed by users.
  • All
  • Checked In - Condition: State is Checked In
  • Checked Out - Condition: State is Checked Out
  • Cancelled - Condition: State is Cancelled
  1. Finally, click the “Save” button at top right screen after you done the configuration and enjoy the system.

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