How to configure listing design (label, Width, Wrap, Columns, Default Filters, Profile Only)

  1. Go to Studio by clicking the magic stick.
  2. Click Form Design
  3. Choose any list at Listing section.
  4. Click “Edit” function at field that want to configure.
  5. Enter text in #label to change the field name.
  6. Enter number in #width to set field size.
  7. Tick #wrap to set for multiline purpose.
  8. Column design to set the required fields and according to the desired order.
  9. Click ‘Advanced Settings’. Select the information which want to be as per default
    Note: the default filter must-have in the ‘Listing design”
  10. Enable ‘Profile Only’ in the filter conditions to see your profile in this list.
  11. Click Ok and Save.