How to set My Task Dues in My Calendar?

To set my tasks dues into my calendar.

  1. The form must have the date field and profile field.

  2. Enable the due option for the date and assign the option for the profile field as shown below.


  1. Input the date and profile. So when there is a due date and assigned profile (which is your username), this entry will be auto-added to your calendar.

Sample Input



My Calendar


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Hi, to confirm, is profile field, referring to ‘User’ Data type? Let say choosing User Data Type, then choose which profile or username to be appear in form drop-down?

Do we allow to use ‘Users’ data type as sometime may involve more than one users to be assigned with a single task? This auto capture due date to My Calendar only available to one Due Date per form right?


Hi :wave:

Yes, user type (formally known as profile) :sweat_smile: to show the username as a drop-down.

Currently, Users type doesn’t support the set the field as assign, But you may use the default ‘Assign To’ in the listing to choose more than one user to assign.

Set field as Due is supporting more than 1 date type field in a form. For example, Completion Date 1 and Completion Date 2, Both can be set field as due and add them to My Calender.

Thank for your valuable feedback. Set field as Due can support more than 1 date type field in a form, means if we set 3 due date in a form, then calendar will appear 3 different due date? It is not like Add to Calendar feature in Module listing and only capture one oldest due date to calendar? Thanks.

Yes, you can choose each date Add to calendar.


Default Due date in listing only can set one date.

Meaning to have 3 due date add to calendar, need to create 3 Listing right?

no need 3 listings. just showing the 3 dates in a listing will do. able to select when ‘Add to calendar’