How to Sign Up with Inistate - Web

Hello! Welcome to the Inistate Community!

Here’s how to sign up with Inistate through web browser :wink:

  1. Open your browser

  2. Go to

  3. Click on ‘Try for free’ button on the top right corner

  4. If you have receive an invitation link, proceed by ticking ‘I wish to join an existing workspace’

  5. If not, fill in your email OR ‘Continue with Google’ OR ‘Continue with Apple’

  6. Then, you will direct to ‘Setup a new workspace’ page

  7. You can put what you wish to build in placeholder after the words ‘I want’

  8. You may choose the recommended option from the ready solution.


  1. You may click on ‘Ask AI to give solution’ instead. It will automatically generate states, activities, information and workflow based on your input.

    *Note : Suggested solutions can be edit and alter later.


  1. Alternatively, you can tick on ‘I want to start from scratch’ if you wish to do everything on your own.

  2. Click ‘Build Now’. Input Workspace name and click Create.

  3. Sign up successfully!