Inistate Release Notes November 2023

Hi everyone :wave:,

Are you waiting for new release :interrobang:

We want to introduce :tada: :tada: :tada:Inline Editing :tada: :tada: :tada:.
What is inline editing :question:

:dancing_women: :dancing_men: :dancing_women: :dancing_men:

:partying_face: It allow you to add or change the layout in the form :bangbang:

Let me show you how it works.

Besides, we have add โ€˜Languageโ€™ in Mobile APP :fireworks: :sparkler:.
But currently, the system allow to select English, Malay, Bahasa Indonesia and Chinese only.

Are your preferred language in the list?
What language you would like we add into the system?

May raise and ask in our community or feedback to us at comment below.

Stay tuned!
More release coming up :rocket:!