Inistate Release Notes October 2023

Hi :wave: everyone,

:slightly_smiling_face: How are you doing?

I want to introduce new listing in Web, :tada: :tada: Detail View :tada: :tada:

Currently, this Detail View is Beta version.
How many of you like this Detail View and want it to be public?
May leave your comment below.

In mobile App, there are a few minor layout changes.

  1. There are Today, Tomorrow, Next 3 day, Next week, Next 2 week and Next month selection in Date Time Picker.
  1. Changes in default header and listing.
  1. Change layout of shortcut.

Now, the mobile App has a clearer and cleaner interface.

Stay with us. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:rocket:More release coming up! :rocket:

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