Inistate Zapier Integrations - Information Changed

Are you worried about information staying up-to-date across platforms? This automation alleviates that worry. When a new Inistate entry changes, a Google Sheets row will be updated automatically.

Triggers - Inistate an entry updated an information
Action - Updated entry information at Inistate will pass to Apps/Tool.

Step of Integration

  1. Open Zapier Dashboard

  1. Enter Tigger on “Connect this app…” as Inistate and Action on “with this one!” as App/Tool chosen.

  1. Enter “When this happens” as Changed Information and “then do this!” as the action needed to be done. Click on “Try It” to go for testing zap.

  1. Click on “Get started”.

  1. Click on “Sign in to Inistate”

  1. “Connect an Account | Zapier” will pop up. Input API Key and Inistate Username. Can refer to API key location instructions and How do I connect Inistate to Zapier?.

  1. Can see your account name. Click “Continue”.

  1. Choose Workspace, Module, and Field for your integration. Click “Continue” for the next step.

  1. Click “Test trigger” to test the trigger.

  1. Test trigger will display entry details. Click “Continue” for the next step.

  1. Action Event is “Update Spreadsheet Row”. Click “Continue” for the next step of action.

  1. Click on “Sign in to Google Sheets”.

  1. Input email address. Click “Next”.

  1. Input password. Click “Next”.

  1. Click “Allow”.

  1. Can see your account name. Click “Continue”.

  1. Choose Google Drive, Spreadsheet, Worksheet, and Row.

  1. Insert Data from inistate to spreadsheet responses row. Click “Continue”.

  1. Click “Test & Continue”.

  1. Will display massage “A spreadsheet row was sent to Google Sheets…”. Click “Turn on Zap” to complete Integration.

  1. After successfully on zap will display “Your Zap Is On!” massage. Click “Go to my Zaps”.

Congratulations!!!:tada::tada: You have successfully integrated inistate with Google Spreadsheet!

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