On behalf (Web)

Hi Inistate community!
Let’s take a look on how to use On behalf feature.

In case you are not available, you may set On-behalf function to allow your colleague perform the activities on-behalf of you.

Before start, you need to set template of On-behalf (Beta Version).

  1. Click profile icon on left bottom of screen

  2. Scroll and Click toggle On Behalf

  3. Select Today on Start and End Date

  4. Select On Behalf Of

  5. Create an entry on module what you want On behalf
    Screenshot 2024-03-11 105134

  6. Click Activity On behalf

  7. Click OK

  8. Check Email on Tester13 and Click Approve All

  9. Click button OK and will show submission successfully

  10. Click on History and show haikalqimi(Tester13@hotmail) performed

  11. Check your Email and Click Approve All

  12. Click OK and will show submission successfully

  13. Click on History and show haikalqimi performed Approve All

  14. Go to profile and Disable On Behalf toggle