Inistate Release Notes March 2024

:wave: Hi everyone,

It’s me again :raising_hand_woman: to announce new release of March.

Hope you enjoyed the Chinese New Year last month, and, let us roar as dragon in this :dragon_face: Dragon Year. :bangbang: :sparkler: :sparkler:

Today, I would like to introduce some improvements in Studio.
These improvements are Beta version.

  1. Keep track of history and allow user to revert the history.
  1. Notification and Automation panel
  1. On-behalf function

These function are awesome :bangbang:
It save a lot of time to recce around to find the automation and notification.

How do you think of it :interrobang:

:palm_up_hand: Click ‘Reply’ below :arrow_down: , and feedback to us.

:raised_hands: Stay tuned.
:rocket:More release coming up :bangbang:

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