Ready Solution - To Do List

Here’s how to sign up with Inistate and get a ready solution.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click on ‘Try for free’ button in the top right corner

  1. Fill in your email OR ‘Continue with Google’ OR ‘Continue with Apple’
  2. Then, you will direct to ‘Setup a new workspace’ page


  1. You type to do list after the words ‘I want’
  2. Choose ‘To Do List’ from the ready solution.

  1. Click ‘Build now’.

  2. Input your workspace name. It can be your company name or anything.

  3. Click ‘Create’.

  1. Tadaa!! You have successfully installed the To Do List-ready solution and are good to use now.

How to use Ready Solution - To Do List

Module : Author

Create new Author

  1. Click “+ New”

  2. Filled in details

  3. Click “OK” to submit entry.

Module : To Do

Module Workflow

Create new To Do

  1. Click “+ New”

  2. Filled in details

  3. Click Okay to submit.

Edit To Do entry

  1. Click 3 dots

  2. Choose “Edit”

  3. You can edit the information

Mark as Done activity

  1. Select entry with “To Do” state.

  2. Click activity “Mark as Done”

  3. Click “OK” to proceed.

  4. State change from “To Do” to “Done”.

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