Tutorial - Money Management

Use this money management template is useful record the spending to overseeing the capital usage of an individual. This template allow you to know how money will work for you and enable you to identify how much of money you spend in food, transport, saving and others.

Here, we’ll show you step-by-step how to build a Money Management in FETIAS.

Forget how much to spend - People always forget how much they spend on daily life, and this will cause they wasting money.

Record spend of the money - People can record their spend money on this template to help them trace what they spend and how much they spend.

Process Flow
User click the “New” button to create the new record of that day. The “Date” on that day show automatically without insert. User must insert the “Name” to represent this record created by who. On the “Spend” table, user can insert “Category”, “Date Time”, “Title”, and “Amount”.

Moreover, the “No.” automatically show when user click “add new” in the table below. The “Category” are select type, user can select the category in the list. The “Date Time” insert with the date and time of user spend the money. The “Title” insert with the title of spend money. The “Amount” insert with the user spend how much money.

The “Category”, “Date Time”, “Title”, and “Amount” are required field. The “Total Spend” automatically show which is sum of the column “Amount” in the “Spend” table.


  1. User click “New” button to create new record, a window name “New” showed

  1. The “Date” show today date automatically, fill all the information. Click the “add new” at the “Spend” table below, the “No.” show automatically when new row added

  1. “Total Spend” show automatically by sum of column “Amount” in table “Spend”, click “Done” button to submit the record

  1. The record showed

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