Getting started: starting with the module

Welcome to Inistate!

Whether you’re opening your small business or handling services such as printings, ticketing and etc, Inistate helps you with making anything you can envision to accomplish the work with minutes. You conclude how you work, and build the perfect setup for your needs.

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet, Inistate gives you with the force of a super-adaptable to connect your information and design the perfect workflow.

What’s a Workspace?

A workspace is a collection of modules shared among a group of collaborators. The employees of a small business might have a shared workspace for all of their projects; a team within a larger company might have its own workspace for all of its projects.

When you open up your client page, you can see all the workspaces for which you’re a collaborator.

An example Inistate client page, with several modules in a Workspace.

What’s a Module?

A module is a minimum and an essential unit that can be created in Workspace. A workspace can have many modules working independently or connecting others that contain all of the information you need for one module, multiple modules, or a workflow.

How to create a Module?

The best way to understand what a module does and how to use it is to go ahead and make one. There are a couple of ways of creating modules such as manual creation, importing spreadsheets, and using Templates. Which choice you pick will really rely on how much you’re looking for inspiration and guidance versus how much you already know about what you want your module to do.

No matter which option you choose, you can always customize your module structure later. So don’t stress out too much about which option you pick.

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