Inistate Release Notes March 2023

Hi, :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker: Ladies and Gentleman out there~~
Today, I would like to share :partying_face: March new releases, User Admin function in APP.
First of all, of couse, :point_up: you must be User Admin role or higher. Second :v: , mobile with Inistate APP installed.

  1. User Management in APP
  1. Send Invitation in APP

hmm, if you have issue to browse the link in APP, perhaps, the link below may help you to solve it.

If you have issue to install the Inistate APP, please raise to us . But don’t tell me you are using andriod version older than Andriod 9 :sleepy: , Inistate APP :no_entry_sign: NOT support in Andriod 8 or older.

Cheer :clinking_glasses: thanks for reading! :two_hearts:

Feel free to share your opinion and feedback with us at the comment below. Your feedback and opinion are much appreciated. :gift_heart:

:interrobang: Have doubt? Please ask our community.

It’s all for today!
:rocket: More release coming up! :rocket:
Stay tuned for next release! :smiley: