Notification - Email channel notification - Latest

To configure the Inistate channel notification in App.

  1. In the Studio for the module that would like to add the channel notification feature. Hover on the mail icon and click the New Notification.

  1. To change the trigger conditional can refer Step 2 in( Notification - Inistate channel notification - Latest) then select the Channel as “Email” because in this topic we will like to receive notification via mailboxes.

  1. To the next step, we need to select a To: as the target that who will received the notification. In this case I`ll just select my current user. And click on the “OK” at right bottom.

  1. Then go to the module and create a new entry.

  1. Insert the required information and create this new entry in this module.

  1. Now the notification message had been sent via the mail, go to the mailbox. As example, I am using Gmail so go to to see the mail.

  1. Click on the received mail we can see the the message.

  1. Next, For the Optional notification configuration. We will have to turn on the “Message (Optional)”.

  1. We can customize the Subject and message that we received the notification mail as below. And click “OK” when Done.(You can also add the attachment.) Click “Ok” when done.

  1. Now, we repeat the step 5 - 8 to create a new entry to trigger the notification. Then go to the mailbox, we had already received the notification mail with customed Title and message

  1. Click on the received mail we can see the the message with customed title and message.

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