Getting Started - Collaboration

You no longer need to use separate apps. inistate allows work together across your teams to get contextual information and alerts your team on the same task seamlessly and simultaneously.

Our best tips for collaborating in Inistate

1. Invite members

Your team can collaborate on any shared module in the workspace by inviting them on board.

How to invite members to my workspace?

2. Comment and mentions

Tasks such as comments, mention users, and attachments on any files can be done with the internal users in every single step of the process.

How to Comment and Mention?

3. Share form

While with external guests, users may quickly share or collect information without requiring a login. Form a process team with your customers or vendors.

What are Share Forms? And How it works?

4. Notifications

Inistate allows users to automate notifications to the relevant authority at the right time. This appears to
function by sending reminders, alerts, or notifications via email, as well as push notifications with personalized information or attachments.

Inistate channel notification - Latest

Email channel notification - Latest

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