Notification - Inistate App notification - Latest

To configure the Inistate channel notification in App.

  1. In the Studio for the module that would like to add the channel notification feature. Hover on the mail icon and click the New Notification.

  1. Click the changed to at the header will show a dropdown list with 2 condition “changed to” and “changed from” , just select on what condition we like to trigger and send a notification. I stay it as default “changed to”, so when there have any entry inside this module that state had changed into “Draft” then the notification will be triggered.

  1. Next, select the Channel that we want to receive the notification. In this case, I will select the “App Notification” because there is what we want to receive notification in the Inistate App.

  1. To the next step, we need to select a To: as the target that who will received the notification. In this case I`ll just select my current user. And click on the “OK” at right bottom.

  1. Then go to the module and create a new entry.

  1. Insert the required information and create this new entry in this module.

  1. Now the latest entry will shown that what we had just create just now
    with the state is “Draft”, at the left side bar will also shown that had a notification had received.

  1. Click and expand the notifications we will saw the default message that send by module.

  1. Next, For the Optional notification configuration. We will have to turn on the “Message (Optional)”.

  1. We can customize the Subject and message that we received the notification as below. And click
    “OK” when Done.

  1. Now, we repeat the step 5 - 8 to create a new entry to trigger the notification. Expand the notifications and show the message had been change into what we configured.