Inistate Release Notes October 2022

Hi everyone, :wave:t2:

:rocket: I’m @Viti, the consultant here at inistate, happy to share the upcoming release for October 2022.

  1. Add information in the form design.

    Now you can add/select information in the form design.

  1. The radio button for select type

    Introduce the radio button for options in the select information type.

  1. Filter active, inactive user and user role

    We make it easier for the user admin to view the active and inactive accounts and to filter based on roles.

  1. Internal activity

    This feature enables you to avoid the standard actions (create, edit, change state, etc.) and activities performed by the user. It means you may create an activity used for automated actions.

  2. Skip history

    You can disable the history audit trail for a particular activity.

  3. Listing

    It is up to you to decide where you can perform the activity. Select the listing list for the activity (Bonus point: you can choose multiple listings). It will avoid unnecessary confusion for your team.

  4. Disable bulk actions

    Now you can restrict bulk actions for activity.

Stay tuned for the more exciting releases! :partying_face:

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below.

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